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Hut menus

Hut menu 1

19 €/person

Cheesy moose soup or salmon soup, finnish flat bread and butter

Coffee made in open fire and bun

• • •

Hut menu 2

24 €/person

Game-potato hash

Pickled cucumber, lingonberry and green salad

Bread and spread

Coffee made in open fire and blueberry-“talkkuna” treat (powdered mixture of dried oats and barley)

• • •

Hut menu 3

 27 €/personMoose sauté and mashed potatoes, lingonberry-cranberry purée and pickled cucumber

Bread cheese in cinnamon cream, coffee made in open fire


• • •


Hut menu 4

36 €/personStarter: Hot smoked salmon, mushroom salad, finnish flat bread and butter served on a splinter

Overdone beef, cognac-pepper sauce, baked potatoes and oven roots

coffee made in open fire, vanilla pannacotta, forest fruit marinated in Xante