Have you ever
kissed a moose?
fallow deers

Welcome to enjoy a moosing experience!

In the backwoods of Mt. Himos, in the middle of deep forest, lies Moose Manor. Moose Manor is about simple pleasures of life. The tranquility of the forest and the pure flavors of the nature will give you an unique experience of traveling back in time and our tasty country gourmet. Moose Manor will leads you back in years when life was genuine and simple. The moose has lived here for thousands of years. Meet the moose from eye to eye. In its natural environment, in its own moose terms.

Householders, Jouko and Susanna Partio, warmly welcomes you to Moose Manor!


You you will experience all kinds of things!

Tasty country-side gourmet food…Kisses from mooses…Atmospheric feasts inside a hut…Something for everyone!

À la carte restaurant

Moose Manor serves you fresh and tasty country-gourmet without any gimmicks. Game, handpicked mushrooms and berries from the nearby woods and fish from the lake Päijänne will give your tastebuds a grand experience!


You can meet mooses, fallow deers and reindeers from eye to eye. You can even can get kisses from animals.  Animals are in their natural environment.


Stars twinkle, closeness to nature, heavenly flavors of the open fire, within the massive timber walls. Inside the hut we can organize a memorable meeting, Christmas party, feasts or a customer event.


From the hightlights of your life to get-togethers of any reason – we`ll cater your parties! HimosCatering provides catering services around Himos and Jämsä city area.

Company occasions

Get a new kick for your business meetings. Moose Manor provides inspiring surroundings from 2 to 50 persons meetings. A different office day for your company.



There are three moose at the Moose Manor at the moment. Cow moose Annikki, two handsome bulls Jorma and Matti-Esko.

They all have their own personalities, and getting to know them has been a pleasant experience for us. All of them are named after famous Finnish singers!


Fallow deers

Fallow deer has been a popular parks “decorative deer”. Moose Manor has five cute adult fallow deers – Harri, Päivi, Katja, Onni and Immonen.



At the moose manor we have two reindeer girls, Malla and Saana. They were born in June 2014 in Ähtäri zoo.  Now they live together with a herd of fallow deer in harmony in the same corral.



happy stomachs








Hirvikartano + HimosLomat
= unbeatable combo

HimosLomat has been building and developing the Himos Holiday Center for over 20 years. From the beginning, our operations have concentrated on the accommodation, safari, programme, and restaurant services in Himos, all year round. Himos Central Booking offers you a choice of 3400 bedplaces, ranging from executive standard villas to holiday cottages of many sorts, Himos Hotel, Lakeside motel Patalahti Inn and Riihivuori cottages. Hirvikartano is working closely with HimosLomat.

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