Opening hours

We open our winter season at 31.12.2018. Our opening hours are 12-19 (Moosepark untill 18).

31.12-6.1.2019 we are open every day from 12 to 19 and after this week we are open from tuesday ’till saturday from 12 to 19 (Moosepark untill 18).


Traditional Boxing Day 26.12.2018- tour afternoon again from 12 to 14.30. Tickets 7€ and we serve gingerbread and hot drinks (non-alcoholic) including to price.


Our restaurant Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi serves every day in the evenings. We are located at the centrum of Jämsä upstairs in Forum building.

Bistro & Pub Hilpeä Hirvi is open Mon-Thur at 14-21.30, Fri and Sat 12-23 and Sundays 13-20.

+358 50 4444 001