À la carte

Summer ala-carte


Available 01.07.2023-31.08.2023

Tuesday – Saturday at 12:00 – 20:00

Sunday at 12-16

Main course and Kids menu include ticket to the zoo (others 15€/adult or 7€/children 12yo or under)


1. Mushroom soup 11,50€

In addition of house flatbread.
As a main course 16,90€

 L & upon request GL

2. Archipelagos 7€

 Pieces of Elose’s archipelago bread fried with garlic and served with mayonnaise L

3. Breadbasket & spread 8€

4. Salad a’la Piko 8€

Fresh summer salad with country style bread VEG

5. Manor’s salad 14€

Green salad with smoked moose, bread cheese and cranberries. Comes with a piece of country style bread.

Main Course


6. Vendace and mashed potatoes 25€

Pan-fried rye vendace and mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers.

7. Wildgame-fry and mashed potatoes 25,50€ or XL 29,50€

With lingonberry jam and pickles L & GL

8. Fish ‘n’ chips 19,50€

Pan-fried codfish with crunchy French fries and tartar-sauce. L & GL

9. Mushroom risotto 23,50€

With country style bread L & VEG on request

10. Beef entrecôte 33€

200g steak with potato wedges and Cafe De Paris-seasoned butter. L & GL

11. Boars tenderloin 38€

200g Tenderloin steak with grilled bread cheese, rustic potatoes and madeira wine sauce.

Kids menu 15€/
12-years old and under


Meatballs with mashed potatoes or French fries

L & GL


French fries, chicken nuggets, veggie sticks and ketchup. L

Children’s wild game fry and mashed potatoes

With lingonberry jam and pickles L & GL

Children’s vengeance and mashed potatoes




12. Amoosing pancakes 8,50€

With old style vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam. L

13. Piece of chefs cake 8,70€

Ask the waiter

14. Cloudberry pannacotta 10€


15. Scoop of ice cream 4,50€/ball

Old-fashioned vanilla
Raspberry sorbet
Changing ice cream of Paavo’s choice (ask about it!)

16. House Rhubarb pie slice 8,70€

Our own summer memory berry pie and vanilla ice cream

17. Coffee or tea 3€