Group menus

Prices include guided visit to the moose corral.
(Minimum 10 adults per group)

Group menu 1

19,50 €/person

Feast sout and absolutely delicious finnish pan cakes and coffee

Moose, beef, roots or creamy salmon soup

Finnish pan cakes and coffee

• • •

Group menu 2

Amusingly popular

27,50 €/person

Moose beef stewed tenderly in oven and bread cheese, cream potatoes, green salad

Finnish pan cakes and coffee

Birch bud-smoked salmon soup for a starters can be added to this menu.

Price for the entire menu is 32 €.

• • •

Group menu 3

Great catch

33 €/person

Finnish flat bread baked in butter, smoked moose mousse

Fried perch fillet, mush room sauce, nettle potatoes, oven baked roots

Talkkuna-blueberry treat (powdered mixture of dried oats and barley)

• • •

Group menu 4


36 €/person

Finnish flat bread baked in butter, smoked moose-sour cream

Overdone beef with moustard sauce, wedged potatoes in country style

Finnish pan cakes and whipped cream, cloud berries with a hint of cognac


• • •

Group menu 5

Amoosingly Medieval Menu

(this menu for min. 20 persons)

39 €/person

Starting with:

Happy tavern’s sapas (Finnish tapas!);

vendace, grilled salmon, moose sausages, home cheese, salt-mushroom salad, master brewer’s malt-bread

For main course:

Chicken drumsticks, overcooked pork, yellow turnip cubes with honey, caggabe stew with Saint George’s

herbs, medieval spelt pudding

For dessert:

Prosperous people’s rice-almond delicacy

Dinner is served in a dim candlelight with medieval background music.

• • •

Group menu 6

Russian night

(this menu for min. 20 persons)

39 €/person

Starting with:

delicious salmon soljanka (russian soup) and liebuska (bread)

For maincourse:

lamb vorschmack

For dessert:

Romanov’s strawberries with whipped cream

After dinner two persons from the group will play “russian roulette”,

let’s see who has the strongest nerves…